What Do You Wear To The Gym?

It was brought to my attention that the clothes I wear to work does not give credit to my new body. I took that statement/observation as a compliment, but it left me thinking about the clothes I wear in general, especially to the gym.

Gym clothes came to mind first since that’s where I’ve been spending a lot of my time lately. I tend to wear old t-shirts, ones that I’ve had forever, because they’re lose and comfortable. I’ve worn sweats before and I’m not too fond of them because I can feel the sweat drip down my legs; so, I opt for tight cotton yoga pants or tight spandex running pants.


Here are some pictures of me after the gym with my great looking t-shirts.




The reason this is even a concern to me is because I see other girls at the gym with “style”. They wear the cute tight fitted tank-tops, tight shorts, cut-off t-shirts with a muscle shirt under, etc. Bottom line, they are showing their skin and exposing legs and arms. In retrospect, I believe it all stems from my self-consciousness. I’ve never really liked my arms, even now that you can tell I’ve worked on them. I’ve worn shorts before but didn’t feel confident, so never again. The thing is that I see other “big” girls and they’re working out with tight clothes and exposing arms and everything else for that matter. What do you wear to the gym? Should being comfortable be all that matters or should I be comfortable with a little spunk?

Here are my shoes of choice! ❤



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