I Want to Start A Challenge for July

So, with my new place and the fact that I need to balance out my money more carefully, I decided to freeze my personal trainer membership at the gym. I still have the regular club membership since I know I’ll want to hit the gym on days where I need a controlled environment.

I follow Anna and I’m inspired by her Juneathon posts and all that she’s done during this time. July is my birthday month and I want to do something fun throughout it. Do any of you know of any fun month fitness challenges? It can be things at the gym, outdoors, at home, anything really. I have access to a pool, a local high school (i’ve been thinking about running the bleachers lately), so I’m really up for anything.



One thought on “I Want to Start A Challenge for July

  1. I’m so honoured by your mention! Thank you!
    Now, for your question: is there maybe a fitness goal you have? If you like running, maybe a plan you could start in July in order to run a race afterwards? Or simply training to beat a certain time in a soecific distance?
    I don’t know of too many “monthly” challenges but maybe there is some things you always wanted to learn? For me that would be a handstand (I just can _not_ do it) or learning how to swin freestyle, maybe…
    Good luck with whatever you come up with, be sure to keep me up to date and I’d be happy to join and “extend” the Juneathon a little further.
    Thanks again and sorry for any typos, I’m on a phone.

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