What is it About the Weekends

Can someone explain to me why the weekends are always a set back for me? I realize that the best person to answer that question is me because I’m sure others will undermine my hardest efforts and say that I am either weak, not ready, or just not committed.

I have been shown the door. Now I must walk through it.

I have all the tools I need but I only seem to be taking advantage of them during the week. The weekend rolls along, however, and it’s like I am a different person. Sometimes I experience little hiccups during some weeks and I get so angry with myself. It’s anger, frustration, feeling defeated, hypocritical, and worst of all feeling as if my work has gone to shit. In a way it has because it’s setting me back; it’s me stepping forward five steps and retracting two almost every weekend. I want to keep going forward.

Sitting here writing about is allowing me the time to really think about it and compare the days during the week to the days at the end of week. I have a routine. I don’t like routines, but it’s part of life (don’t deter me here with anything else- I’m helping myself, here). Every day, Monday thru Friday I wake up and go to work. Some days I have enough time to get my gym back ready and I walk to the gym after work. Then I head home and do whatever else needs to get done. Other days I go straight home, hang around for the sun to go down a bit then go for a run, or a bike ride. I feel alright. I have softball games on Tuesdays and Fridays so on those days I get my workout done much earlier.

Throughout this time I am eating well. For the past two weeks I have prepped all my meals for the week and I have to say I love the feeling of not having to worry about making lunch, having to buy lunch, or having to eat a frozen microwavable meal. Two weeks ago I said I was not going to have any soda or bread and I did great for the first week. I went to a baby shower this past Saturday and I couldn’t say no to the cupcakes, the bread with the meal, and the soda. This has happened to me at least five times within the last five months (I see the trend too… stop it). I see that I have no will power. I had it in the beginning of it all so I don’t know why I can’t do it again. Maybe it’s not about eliminating but moderating. It’s just I know how bad soda is and I can’t say no to it. And bread?? Well, I really don’t know why I say I don’t want to eat bread. OK, maybe it’s because once I have a piece I can’t stop.

I believe the reason I have such a hard time moderating is because … I don’t know. Am I just glut? Is it just embedded in who I am? And I always have this annoying consciousness of my intake and how long it will take me to burn it off during exercise.

How can I roll the discipline I have 90% of the time during the week to the 55% discipline I have during the weekend? And in addition, lower the incidents that happen every so often during the week to eventually not having any?


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