Hello Everyone and Welcome to my blog!

My name is Monica, but I am best known as Mona. I started this blog based on a suggestion I received from a co-worker. I have been on and off the wagon with it and I’m sort of disappointed that I am not very successful with updating it.

Sometimes I wonder on the direction I want to take my blog and that’s where I stall in my updating. Should I continue writing about things that I experience in my journey to a healthier lifestyle? Should I also write about fitness trends/issues and how I perceive them? I enjoy fit-feminist blogs and thought that maybe I can ascend that direction. At times I just want to write about my own life… things about my family, friends, everything and anything. But then I am confronted by feelings on how this generation is so needy to have their story told whether it’s significant or not. The constant feening for attention, the incessant uploading of filtered pictures- it’s too much. I guess I yearn for simpler times. Yet, here I am blogging about it. Bottom line is most of my lagging comes from a lack of confidence. I feel as if I will not explain myself very well or as well as the others and that intimidates me.

I guess the answer is just to write..

write I shall…



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