Did I Really Just Try This On?

This past Saturday I went to The Grove in L.A. to line up at the Barnes & Noble to get screening passes to the much anticipated movie The Hunger Games. I went with a friend and we both waited about five hours. After being some of the first people to get the awesome freebees (not so much since we bought the NookTablet) we went window shopping. Since she was with her daughters they took a stroll through PacSun and I followed. What happens next is unprecedented.

I’m looking through the bathing suit section and I see a really cute one. I turn it around and it has no back! it stops at the butt crack, continues to only cover the part where the braw strap hooks. For a better visual here it is:


heres the link for a bigger picture: http://shop.pacsun.com/Womens/suits/Kirra-One-Piece-Cutout-Swimsuit/index.pro

I tried it on to say the least and it didn’t feel that awful. I say awful because I’ve always felt super conscious about my body in a bathing suit- so can you imagine in this no-back-ass-out piece? anyway, my friend told me I looked fine and that I shouldn’t worry about the backless part. Prior to that however she wanted me to try on a 2-piece! WHAT?? NEVER! Because I didn’t want her to feel bad and mostly because I’m curious about how I would look in a 2-piece I tried one on. Here it is:


in case you’re interested, here is the link: http://shop.pacsun.com/Womens/suits/refine/Brand/Billabong/index.cat

of course my thighs are not that spaced and my upper body isn’t flawless. Needless to say I felt naked. The girls/women that wear 2-piece bathing suit/bikinis are fearless. Although i liked it… I didn’t feel my most confident in it, but my friend recommended wearing those mesh/netty things over and I should be good. I’ll think about it. I have a couple more months before I take off to Miami and I’m dreading the beach scene for this reason.