10lbs down and feeling great

This time around my journey to better health and body feels effortless. I feel as determined as when I first embarked on my health many years ago. My boyfriend has given me tough love and I returned some tough attitude. I think that argument… no. Not argument. I think that conversation and honesty from him was an eye opener. I admit I opened my eyes very slowly because I needed to feel right about it.

Part of the accountability I am placing on myself is posting my weight on my bathroom mirror. The number on the scale is a small motivator. I am also keeping track of my food intake and getting back to reading nutrition labels and watching the amount of sugar I consume. I’m on Fitbit so if you want to add me I think you can now find people by username, right? I think it’s weird it populates by phone contacts, Facebook and email only… Really, Fitbit? 

I like sharing my progress and my stats because why not? I get flack from the bf. He tells me I do it for attention and that it’s unnecessary. But you know what? Share it, Baby. Be proud of your progress. Be proud of what you’re doing. We have cyber voices and I want to speak, dammit.


Classes at the Gym? Do ‘Em

I think the best way to get my money’s worth at the gym is to take the classes that it offers. I’ve been going to the gym 5 to 6 days a week and the cardio machines get a little boring. The weight machines only target one muscle at a time, so I only do those once or twice a week. I haven’t mustered up the courage to workout in the free weight area of the gym if it’s not with my trainer. The reason? The guys that workout in that area intimidate me and I honestly don’t want to waste time time feeling judged.

The gym I go to offers so many classes and they’re all free! (the previous gym I went to charged for some). I did the cycling class once, but I didn’t like the instructor so I’m waiting for another instructor to lead that class. I’ve taken the Zumba class a couple of times and both instructors were awesome! I took the Mat Pilates class for the first time yesterday and tonight I’m planning on doing Yoga. Another great class offered at my gym is the Total Body Works + Abs; I used the 7Lbs and 10Lbs weights.


  • One of the best Yoga videos I’ve done is the P90X.
  • I have trouble keeping up with the tempo when using weights. Do you?
  • working out in a group makes me step up my game. Have you done any group classes?